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Posted by MCBS AFRICAN MISSION on January 17, 2012



Ref no.004/2011




St. Vincent de Paul church, Kibamba in the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam declared as a Parish and given to us, Frs. Prijo Joseph and Shaju Chacko,the members of Emmaus Province of Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. The official letter from Cardinal was read by Fr. Martin, Dean of Kibaha Deanery in the presence of Fr. Farncis Kodiyan Provincial Superior, Emmaus Province and many other fathers and religious. Faithful here welcomed us with great joy and expectations. Fr. Prijo Joseph was appointed as Parish Priest and Fr. Shaju Chacko as assistant to him by Cardinal.



Official Inauguration of the Parish. Bishop Salutaris Libena, Auxiliary bishop of Dar es Salaam celebrated the Holy Mass and officially inaugurated the parish. It was a day of celebration in the parish faithful who were waiting for a parish thanked God and promised their cooperation to us.


About the parish

This was an outstation of St Don Bosco Parish Kibaha. Now the newly erected parish of Kibamba has got one outstation at Makurunge.15 km away from the parish centre. Parish centre is situated 25 km from Dar es Salaam City.

  In the parish In the outstation Total
1 Number of   Families 750 100 850
2 Number   of Outstations     1
3 Small Christian communities 52 3 55
4 Family   Units 7 1 8
5 Number of Holy Masses on Sunday 3 1 4
6 Ordinary   days 1 1
7 Adoration of the Eucharist 1 in   a week 1in a month 2
8 Seminar   on Holy Eucharist Every1st   Friday    



Our Ministiries


Since it is a small starting in Africa by this Parish we are now focusing on Pastoral ministry in the archdiocese of Dar es Salaam. At the same time we search for other fields of ministry in this area.

1.Pastoral Ministiry

1.1 Parish Adiministration

            -Parish Council and different committees of the parish and its outstation.

            -Construction of new Parish Church

This is our main task in this parish there is a construction committee and committee of experts. People are very much supporting; we also try for foreign aid for the construction of the church.

             -One day Adoration

During the Lenten season we introduced one day adoration. This was a wonderful experience for the people who for the first time attend such a service. We did this to train people to stay near and conduct adoration so that later we shall have a permanent adoration chapel.

              -Eucharistic  Convention

As a preparation for Christmas we conducted a 3 days Eucharistic convention. Faithful profited a lot from the convention. As a continuation of this spirit, every month first Friday we a special class about Eucharist.

                 -LOGOS Quiz

We are conducting a Bible quiz competition named as LOGOS. From each small Christian communities at least 10 participants. It will be a great event.

                 -Inauguration of 5 new small Christian communities

After our family visit we felt it is necessary to divided and create new small Christian communities for further developments. And one of those new small christen communities is named after St. Alphosa sister. We also distribute life history of those saints via DVDs or books.

      1.2 Family Visit

-there are 55 Small Christian Communities (SCC) in the parish. (JNNK)

Each SCC includes around 20 -25 families. Family visiting and blessing of the houses are going on. This is very much supportive for the parish administration and knowing the culture and lifestyle of the people. Faithful also love it and they have accepted us as one among them.

-Census of the parish

This is also an opportunity to collect the details about the parishioners so that formulation of a plan for social work in this area in future can be attained.

1.3 Vincent de Paul Society

-Since the parish itself is named after St. Vincent de Paul,

we try to make this society active to propagate the examples given by St.Vincent de Paul. This Society provides educational help to poor children, medical support, construction of houses, providing food for the needy people, assisting those who lost their property by a recent bomb blast at Dar es Salaam.

1.4 Youth Ministry (VIWAWA)

             -Gathering and seminars

Every Sunday there is youth gathering and seminars given on different subjects like rights and duties of youngsters in Catholic Church and society, value of education, family life, morality and health especially HIV/AIDS. There are also sports and games for the youngsters in the parish and for the entire village of Kibamba. There is a good football team in the parish.

Youth Convention 26th April 2011

We have conducted a youth convention for the youth in the parish. Around 400 youngsters participated in the convention. There were talks by Don Bosco fathers. Each youth was given T-shirt printed MCBS. It was first time such a program conducted in this village. 

-Supporting the Society

Youth of this parish conducted programs to support the poor in this village. Educational help to poor students and free medical camp in the parish, Visiting jails and orphanages with food and gifts collected from the parish.

English & IT club

In order to help the poor and school dropouts we have found a club, English & IT club, where those youngsters come together learn and speak English and basics of computer. Teachers from the parish itself are the leaders of the club. The aim is to have a computer literate youth in the parish and in the village.

Arts Group (FAFIDA)

Youngsters started a group of artists in the parish propagating the traditional art form of Africa through gospel songs, drama music Cds and albums.   

1.5 Other Pius groups

           -Senior Citizens group

           -Christian Professionals Group

           -Group for fathers (UWAKA)

           -Group for mothers (WAWATA)

           -Group for Children (UTOTO MTAKTIFU)

     There also group for altar boys and Catholic scouts.


1.6 New Baptisms

     Last year there were 120 new baptisms in the parish among them 20 were adult baptisms. There are 30 catechumens preparing to be baptised this Easter. Most of them are from Islam and Lutheran. There was also first Holy Communion and confirmation of 160 children in the parish. We also conducted a Eucharistic convention in the parish it was time of blessing for us. And every Thursday evening we have one hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and during the time of Lent we conduct, one day adoration on every Thursday. This way we prepare people to have a permanent adoration chapel together with the new parish church.


Inspired by the charisma ‘to be with him, to be broken’ we try to live and spread the spirituality of Holy Eucharist in Africa. We need your support through prayers, advice, personnel and finance.

We have visited some other diocese also searching for parishes and know the scope of spreading our mission. All are welcoming us, now we should be courageous!

Our Vision about Tanzanian Mission

        Since we have got a parish, all our developmental activities may be centred around this parish and its developments.

1.In the Parish:

It has got 10 acres of land. In this property there is a two storied building as priet house. It was built by the parishioners. And they themselves have many projects to be fulfilled in this land. The main project is to build a Parish Church. (Now we are praying in a temporary shed). In their project proposal they mention a school, dispensary, youth centre, multipurpose hall, rest house for bishop etc. And this land is under the Government plan for a satellite city in Dar es Salaam.

–       Building of Parish church.

2.Our Congregation

In order to begin any developmental work as a congregation we have to register our congregation as a society. With this intention we gave an application letter to Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, Archbishop of Dar es Salaam. And he advised us to wait. Because we had not yet finished a year here in this diocese and country; it also means that they all are watching our performance and style of working because our congregation is new to them.


-As we understand most of the African catholic diocese welcomes Indian or any foreign congregations, not only to get the pastoral and spiritual services but the overall development also. Like Schools, hospitals and other infrastructures. It is better that Provincial Superior or other mission councillors come and meet the bishop here. It may fasten the registration and further development of the congregation in Tanzania.

-There is a good scope of development in this country. First of all it is a peaceful country comparing to other Africans countries. And a School college or hospital will get a heart full acceptance in this area.  Climate, infrastructure and transportation is better here it is a commercial city. It is entirely different situation here what we usually get from our own land about Africa.

-And there is a good scope of getting vocations.

-And as a Missionary Congregation of the BLESSED SACRAMENT we felt a great need of our Eucharistic apostolate here because faithful don’t have much knowledge or experience of Eucharist and Devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary. Because there is great influence of other denominations around the place, like Lutherans, Baptist church, Evangelists etc.

3. Our other members in Tanzania

            As we, Fr. Prijo and Shaju are fine here living as a community. Our friends Fr. Joby and Jackson are 1000km away at Diocese of Tabora. Even though we communicate it would be better if we have other fellow priests from our Province in nearby Dioceses. We have met with the bishop of Arusha Diocese. We gave him our Constitution he was very happy to welcome us and waiting for a letter from Our Provincial superior. (we have already contacted with Fr. Francis Kodiyan about sending priests to Arusha Diocese.) It is also a good and developed area. We expect our superiors will give proper consideration for the psychological and communitarian development and satisfaction of missionaries.

Financial support for the Tanzanian mission.

Missionary work should be supported with the financial helps.

 So we need priests sharing their salaries directly to each mission who are working in Europe. Let the provinces sent the missionaries to the Europe for the pastoral work in this intention, so that we can think and do something wonderful for the congregation.



A)  We have to be got used with the Latin Mass at least once a week in the formation houses. Now our congregation is growing globally. So it becomes a must.

b)  The Latin Liturgy of Hours also should be taught in the formation houses and should start to use in the formation houses.


A) Send the regents to African missions so that they can start studying the language and continue the studies here itself. It will help them to know the culture of the people and can start working in the missions just after their ordination. Those congregations that are established in Tanzania eg, Msfs, Claritians are formatting their students in Tanzanian seminaries so they get good and solid foundation to start their mission works here in Tanzania.


 With heart full of love and gratitude we remember our superior and councillors for their wonderful support for the Tanzanian mission. We have stated some of our visions about Tanzanian mission .We hope that our superiors will start to think and dream about this mission together with us. Let Eucharistic Jesus bless us to fulfil our founders dream about Tanzanian mission. 



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